Liquid crystal slit grating , stereoscopic display device and intelligent terminal



The utility model relates to a liquid crystal slit grating, stereoscopic display device and intelligent terminal. The stereoscopic display device includes display panel and liquid crystal slit grating. Be equipped with the first electrode on liquid crystal slit grating 's the first base plate, second base plate subregion sets up to at least two independent regions, and each independent regional setting has a plurality of second electrodes, and two adjacent independent regional settings have blocking part, second electrode in each is independent regional is connected to same drive signal output, and the first electrode is connected to the common voltage signal output, a driving voltage is exerted to second electrode in the drive signal output is independent regional for at least one, when public signal output part exerts common voltage for the second electrode, forms printing opacity portion and the shading portion that arranges in turn corresponding to the independent region of exerting a driving voltage. The utility model discloses a liquid crystal slit grating, stereoscopic display device and intelligent terminal not only can realize that 2D shows and 3D shows at same screen, and the structure is simple with the drive moreover.




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