Apron stamping forming's compound mould



The utility model discloses an apron stamping forming's compound mould, including the top die holder, the die block seat, bottom template and top template, the bottom template constitutes forming mould set with the top template, forming mould set includes trimming mechanism, the mechanism of punching a hole, and sharpening machine constructs, trimming mechanism is including setting up the cutting blade in the template of bottom and setting up the side cut die cavity in the template of top, punch a hole the mechanism including set up in the template of bottom punch a hole the die cavity with set up the drift in the template of top, the sharpening machine structure sets up in the template of bottom, sharpening machine constructs including the drive end of coping bulb with drive coping bulb. The utility model discloses compound mould constructs trimming mechanism, punch a hole mechanism and sharpening machine integrated integrative, and the contour machining of the apron of being convenient for has improved the production machining efficiency of apron, the compound die precision is high, inseparable, the compound die stroke safety of apron laminating, overall structure is simple, easily production manufacturing, low cost.




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