Three work step sucking discs machine casket anchor clamps



The utility model discloses a three work step sucking discs machine casket anchor clamps, included fixture working table, detachably is fixing the base of round platform shape on the mesa center hole has been seted up at the base center a plurality of vertical supports have been set up along circumference on the top surface of base, the inside cavity of support has formed gas channel, has still set up to be used for control on the support the switching valve that gas channel opened and close, gas channel is in formed the opening on the lateral wall of support, connecting the trachea through the vacuum adapter on the opening, trachea one end is fixed on the vacuum adapter, and the U -shaped sucking disc is being connected to the other end fix the burner inner liner among the center hole, the bottom of burner inner liner with fixture working table connects, and by the burner inner liner has enclosed into inclosed burning chamber fix the combustor in the burning chamber, the combustor is fixed on fixture working table's the mesa, the burner inner liner has included sealed becket, has taken the support ring gentleness packing ring of gas pocket.




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