Novel automatic car washer



The utility model provides a novel automatic car washer, include: stand, crossbeam, stand, crossbeam constitution carwash frame, carwash frame downside is equipped with water receiving chassis, and the vehicle is parked on water receiving chassis, travelling car I, travelling car II are installed to carwash frame upper end, and travelling car I installs horizontal brush in one side, and horizontal brush passes through L type fixing base to be installed in one side of travelling car I, and travelling car I lower extreme is equipped with spray set, and spray set installs the upper end on spraying the dress rotating electrical machines, and spray the installation of dress rotating electrical machines and fix the lower extreme at travelling car I, travelling car II installs at both ends vertical brush, and travelling car II installs automatic air dryer in the upper end. The utility model discloses a functions such as automatic spray, self - cleaning, automatic air -dry can be realized to two independent running gear independent controls of dolly. Spray set washes the automobile body is all -round, and the brush roller carries out degree of depth cleanness to the automobile body, and extensive applicability can be applicable to different motorcycle types.




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