Elevator door plate



The utility model discloses an elevator door plate, include the door plant body and install the lift -cabin door slider of door plant body bottom, door plant body bottom has a body structure and extends the connecting plate of door plant body, the top surface of lift -cabin door slider is equipped with the draw -in groove with connecting plate matched with, and the lift -cabin door slider passes through the draw -in groove cover and establishes on the connecting plate. Be equipped with the bayonet socket on the connecting plate, the top surface of lift -cabin door slider be equipped with with bayonet socket matched with elasticity bayonet catch. The utility model provides a lift -cabin door slider mounting structure, simple structure, the cost is lower, has left out complicated screw fixation subassembly, has saved installation cost, simultaneously, installs reliable and stablely, is difficult for appearing the phenomenon of door plant slippage from the sill groove.




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