Armoring machine steel band hoist



The utility model discloses an armoring machine steel band hoist, including the casing, be provided with pinion, lifting rod and hasp rack in the casing, the pinion both sides are located respectively to lifting rod and hasp rack, wherein lifting rod one side be with little gear engagement's rack structure, hasp rack and little gear engagement, lifting rod and hasp rack edge shells inner wall slide from top to bottom, and lifting rod and hasp rack movable opposite direction, the upper end of hasp rack is fixed with the hasp that is used for fixed steel strip coils, and the hasp stretches out the casing outside to along with the motion of hasp rack, the hasp slides from top to bottom along the spout on the casing, is equipped with the couple that is used for bearing steel strip coils in the casing outside, and the position of couple is corresponding with the hasp. The utility model discloses hang the in -process of getting steel strip coils, directly utilizing on the couple hangs steel strip coils's steel band core, make hasp locking under action of gravity own, reducing loaded down with trivial details work step such as tying up repeatedly, cut, reducing intensity of labour, improving the reliability of safe operation.




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