Copper matte converting continual copper smelting device



The utility model provides a copper matte converting continual copper smelting device, wherein the furnace body is horizontal cylinder, and the one end of furnace body is equipped with heat material mouthful and cold burden mouth, and the furnace body other end is the slag settling area, the slag settling area including putting copper mouth and slag tap, wherein slag tap opens in the furnace body side lower part of slag settling area, puts the headwall that the copper mouth is located the slag settling area, the furnace body top is equipped with the floss hole, and open the bottom of furnace body has high -pressure supply -air outlet, just high -pressure supply -air outlet interpolation aerobic rifle, the advantage does: the effectual charge door adhesion phenomena that has solved, oxygen utilization rate is high, and the environmental protection is good, and the working condition is good, and degree of automation is high, operation safety, furnace body long service life.




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