Prevent cat ladder that falls



The utility model provides a prevent cat ladder that falls, relate to construction apparatus technical field, including a plurality of running -boards that distribute from top to bottom, be equipped with two at least anticreep grooves on the running -board, and its length direction is perpendicular and the length direction of running -board, the anticreep inslot that is located on the running -board of bottommost is connected with anti -falling part, anti -falling part includes the anticreep piece of bottom, the cross sectional shape of anticreep groove and anticreep piece all is the trapezoidal of under the narrow width, and the bottom width of anticreep piece is greater than the top width in anticreep groove, last still being equipped with of anti -falling part is used for the fixed mounting with the foot. This scheme when fixing a point the operation on operator person stops the running -board at a certain height, can effectively reduce probability that double -legged accident break away from running -board with the help of anticreep piece and anticreep groove through providing a prevent cat ladder that falls to the security improves.




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