Can be used for supporting deep fertilizing device of transplanter



The utility model provides a can be used for supporting deep fertilizing device of transplanter, includes the walking wheel, the engine, and transmission, the control loop, the saddle, the frame, the bottom planker, automatic fertilizer unit arranges fertile volume adjusting device, the pipeline, the transplanter device, the deep fertilizing mouth, the board is placed to the seedling, wherein: the engine passes through transmission and control loop and walking the wheel connection, and the saddle is arranged on the frame, the back upper portion of frame has automatic fertilizer unit, has the bottom planker below the frame, wherein, the back lower part of frame has the transplanter device, has the seedling that slopes to arrange on the transplanter device and places the board, deep fertilizing mouth and pipe connection are arranged below the planker of bottom. The utility model discloses an advantage: principle simple structure, the function is abundant, use with the transplanter cooperation, has satisfied rice seedling transplanting process, realizes the automatic deep fertilizing on many ridges automatically, guarantees fertilization effect, and the material resources of using manpower sparingly improve production efficiency.




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