Key case



The utility model discloses a key case, including face lid and with face lid articulated bottom, be equipped with an at least link plate in the cavity that face lid and bottom are constituteed, key case still includes hinge assembly, hinge assembly is including setting up the face covers near the axle sleeve of articulated one side, runs through the pivot of axle sleeve, and two joints, two joints are inserted respectively, two in the both ends of pivot connect all with face lid with the bottom is connected, face lid with the bottom passes through hinge assembly and rotates. The utility model discloses technical scheme covers the axle sleeve that sets up the installation pivot through adopting at the face, and through setting up the both ends that connect to come the holding pivot to realize that face lid and bottom use the pivot as the center pin free rotation, are rotating the more steady effect of in -process in order to reach face lid and bottom.




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