Spot welding continuity of operation apparatus for producing



The utility model belongs to a welding equipment, concretely relates to spot welding continuity of operation apparatus for producing, including the frame, the workstation, the controller, the rack, spot welder and spot welding tool, spot welding tool includes preliminary positioner, detection device for the position, resetting means and fastening stop device, preliminary positioner includes electro -magnet A, which comprises a frame, a workbench, a controller, electro -magnet A and electro -magnet B all with spout sliding fit, still be equipped with the feedback contact of giving electro -magnet A's absorption information transmission the controller on the electro -magnet A, electro -magnet B is connected the receipt enabling signal with the controller, detection device for the position welds a position and transmits the infrared probe for the controller with positional information including being used for surveying, adopt the utility model discloses technical scheme's spot welding continuity of operation apparatus for producing has the positioning accuracy height, and welding quality well and the high characteristics of work efficiency.




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