High accuracy outer circle polishing grinding machine



The utility model provides a high accuracy outer circle polishing grinding machine belongs to mechanical technical field. Current outer circle polishing grinding machine inefficiency and the poor problem of polishing effect have been solved to it. It includes workstation and backup pad no. 1, it places axle and winding wheel to be equipped with the abrasive band book in the backup pad no. 1, the abrasive band book is placed epaxial cover and is equipped with original abrasive band book, be equipped with in the backup pad no. 1 and be used for driving the rotatory power pack of winding wheel, the upper surface of workstation is equipped with guide rail no. 1, with a guide rail complex slip table no. 1 and the cylinder that is used for driving a slip table seesaw, be equipped with backup pad no. 2 on the slip table no. 1, be equipped with the touch roller in the backup pad no. 2, after walking around the touch roller, abrasive band that original abrasive band book was drawn forth twines on the winding wheel, still be equipped with oscillating structure on the slip table no. 1. The utility model discloses can not destroy the former tangible of work piece form and size precision, nevertheless can obviously improve workpiece surface smooth finish and precision, moreover simple structure, good, the convenient operation of stability.




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