Heating device for impregnating vessel



The utility model provides a heating device for impregnating vessel, belongs to carbon element production technical field, solves impregnating vessel heating methods's among the prior art the problem that manufacturing cost is big, outer intermediate layer, conveyer pipe, conditioning oven, fan and the control by temperature change table made including the steel sheet, outer intermediate layer parcel is outside the impregnating vessel, and outer interbedded one side is equipped with the air inlet, and through being connected in conveyer pipe and the gas outlet of conditioning oven one side, outer intermediate layer opposite side bottom is equipped with the exhaust pipe, two air inlets about the opposite side of conditioning oven is equipped with, and upward the air inlet passes through conveyer pipe and preheater flue gas union coupling, and lower air inlet passes through the conveyer pipe to be connected with the fan, all be equipped with the governing valve on conveyer pipe and the exhaust pipe, the impregnating vessel outer wall is equipped with a plurality of control by temperature change tables I extremely down from last in proper order, and the conditioning oven top is equipped with control by temperature change table II. The utility model discloses the rational utilization waste heat, reduction in production cost.




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