Take cooling system's boiler pressure container pushing off slag device



The utility model discloses a take cooling system's boiler pressure container pushing off slag device, including first casing and second casing, constitute the cooling chamber between first casing and the second casing, and the bottom of second casing extends to first casing under, one side of first casing bottom is equipped with the outlet pipe, and the opposite side top of first casing is equipped with the inlet tube, the feeder hopper is installed on the top of first casing, wherein one end and the boiler pressure container's of feeder hopper discharge gate butt joint, and in the other end of feeder hopper extends to the second casing, fixed plate and regulating plate that the level that is equipped with respectively in the second casing set up, the fixed plate is located the regulating plate directly over, a plurality of first through -holes on the fixed plate, inlay the pushing off the slag filter screen that the level of being equipped with set up on the regulating plate. The utility model discloses cool off with low costs, and the cooling even, shorten cool time, filter the solution after the boiler pressure container heating simultaneously, effectively improve the device's service property (quality).




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