A temperature controller for in boiler



The utility model discloses a temperature controller for in boiler, including control module, temperature sensor, display screen and voice reminding device, display screen and voice reminding device all set up in the outer wall of boiler box, and temperature sensor sets up in the inner wall of boiler box, liquid level contact in temperature sensor's information acquisition end and the boiler, and temperature sensor's information output end and control module's information input end are connected, and control module's information output end is connected with display screen and voice reminding device's information input end respectively. The utility model discloses increased display screen and voice reminding device, the user can follow the temperature of the temperature value directly perceived understanding boiler water -logging of display screen demonstration to learn whether boiled water is, simultaneously, voice reminding device will remind user's boiler to work to accomplish or just be in the in -process of heating up water, and the person does not facilitate the use more.




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