Automobile overhaul backing plate


  • Inventors: CAO LI'AN
  • Assignees: 曹李安
  • Publication Date: August 01, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206366985-U


The utility model discloses an automobile overhaul backing plate, including the headrest, rotation illuminating lamp, rubber cushion, one end of the support rack is hinged at the support, the lumbar support pad, the backplate, damping spring, the tool holder, motor switch, the battery, including a motor, an end cap, a controller, and a cover plate, the rolle, the headrest is through mounting screw at support frame top, rotation illuminating lamp passes through axis of rotation setting and installs in support frame support body both sides, the support frame surface plate is from top to bottom along having installed rubber cushion, lumbar support pad and backplate, damping spring sets up on the gyro wheel, lug on the tool holder inserts in the corresponding jack of support frame, motor switch passes through the battery and is connected with the motor electricity, the motor passes through gear drive with the setting at the rotatory epaxial gyro wheel of support frame, the headrest supports the neck, rotation illuminating lamp provides the illumination, rubber cushion supports the back, avoid lying for a long time and the back is tired, the lumbar support advance expenditure portion of backing up, damping spring plays the bradyseism effect, tool holder placement tool, just reversing of motor realizes examining and repairing advancing and retreating of backing plate.




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