Novel LED plant lamp



The utility model belongs to plant lamp field especially relates to a novel LED plant lamp, including the lamp body, be provided with microcomputer in lamp body one end, the lamp body other end is provided with LED lamp device, LED lamp device includes the lamp stand, the lamp stand center is provided with first aluminium base board, first aluminium base board outer lane is provided with the aluminium base board of second, be provided with a plurality of LED blue lamp pearls on the first aluminium base board, be provided with a plurality of LED red light pearls on the aluminium base board of second, LED lamp device links to each other with the microcomputer electrical property, the luminous proportion of every LED lamp device on red blue LED lamp pearl can freely be controlled through microcomputer, in plant different growth periods, the red blue light that can select different proportions promotes vegetation, furthermore, the cutter provided in the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure and reasonable design.




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