Light turns to membrane and laminated glass



The utility model provides a light turns to membrane and laminated glass. This light turns to the membrane and includes: first substrate layer is for the transparent substrate layer of flexibility, a plurality of transmission units, interval set up in a side surface of first substrate layer, and each passs through the unit, and extend and along second orientation parallel arrangement, the first direction is perpendicular with the second orientation along the first direction, and an exposed surface who just respectively passs through the unit is the curved surface for the light generation total reflection in the transmission unit is incided to the messenger. The light that turns to the membrane outgoing through the aforesaid light is even more soft, and, because above -mentioned transmission unit interval sets up in a side surface of first substrate layer to can make light in interval along former direction transmission, and realize rolling over partially and scattering in order through the transmission unit time, and then optimize the transmissivity and rolled over between the effect balancedly partially, reduce the mist degree that light turned to the membrane, improve the smooth light -emitting effect that turns to the membrane.




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