Chinese style rotary combined furniture



The utility model discloses a chinese style rotary combined furniture, including low foot table, circle chair, centre of a circle chair, excircle chair no. 1, excircle chair no. 2, excircle chair no. 3 and excircle chair no. 4, the central point that centre of a circle chair was placed at low foot table puts, is provided with spout no. 1 on the side of centre of a circle chair, the outside of centre of a circle chair is provided with excircle chair no. 1, the slip along centre of a circle chair of excircle chair, two slips along excircle chair no. 1 on the excircle chair, excircle chair measurements of the chest, waist and hips excircle chair no. 2 and are slided, the excircle chair all around excircle chair no. 3 slide, excircle chair no. 1 includes semicircle chair no. 1 and subassembly no. 1, excircle chair no. 2 includes semicircle chair no. 2 and subassembly no. 2, excircle chair no. 3 includes semicircle chair no. 3 and subassembly no. 3, excircle chair no. 4 includes semicircle chair no. 4 and subassembly no. 4. This chinese style rotary combined furniture can carry out the independent assortment according to the user's request, has realized the general -purpose condition of chinese style house, has solved little house user, problem that too much furniture was placed by the little no department of building space.




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