Electronic hanging flower basket device



The utility model discloses an electronic hanging flower basket device, include and hang the mechanism, bear the suspension platform of goods and be used for promoting suspension platform's hoist mechanism as what support, hoist mechanism include the top fix hoisting cable and protection wire rope on hanging the mechanism, for hoisting cable provide power the lifting machine and with protection wire rope complex safety lock, a stopper as the lifting machine switch is installed at the top of safety lock, protection wire rope overcoat is equipped with can follow protection wire rope gliding limiting plate from top to bottom, the limiting plate is fixed with and presss from both sides the clamping piece of tightly protecting wire rope through extrudeing, the protection wire rope still overlap be equipped with right the fixed cover of extrusion force is applyed to the clamping piece. It sets up stop device, can in time close the lifting machine and make the hanging flower basket stop to remove when the hanging flower basket reachs the assigned position, reduces the work to hanging flower basket position adjustment, improves work efficiency.




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