Three -phase multilist case measurement power supply and distribution system



The utility model discloses a three -phase multilist case measurement power supply and distribution system, metering room 's power inlet wire is connected in distribution substation's main line among this power supply and distribution system, the main line is through puncture fastener or branch structure and the table case that connects in metering room each user to be equipped with alone in advance, and each power supply line of showing the case connects in user power supply and inserts mouthful, and this metering room 's main line has met fuse box, surge protector. This power supply and distribution system type has realized that each household table case independently measures, follows the transformer substation and attracts the main line, need not pass through the distribution switch. Adopt the puncture fastener or presort a form, directly give the power supply of table case. The each household box is independent, satisfies the measurement requirement of power supply administration to big villa class product.




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