Intelligence seed observation device that sprouts



The utility model relates to an intelligence seed observation device that sprouts, the power distribution box comprises a box body, the box is divide into the heating chamber of the sprout room and the lower part on upper portion by the baffle, the room lateral wall that sprouts is equipped with temperature sensor and atomizer, it is equipped with the vegetation lamp to sprout roof portion, the heating chamber is equipped with the heater, the room lateral wall that sprouts still is equipped with guide rail A, be equipped with leight emitting -diode arrays on the guide rail A, the corresponding lateral wall in room that sprouts is equipped with the guide rail B of symmetry, be equipped with the photoelectric triode array on the guide rail B, the box outside is equipped with the controller, the controller has signal connection with vegetation lamp, temperature sensor, atomizer, heater, leight emitting -diode arrays, photoelectric triode array, the utility model has the advantages of the function is comprehensive, application scope is wide, bud seedling length is controllable.




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